A new Limited-Edition bronzer inspired by the warm hues of the savannah.
With its fiery red earth, hot winds and the relentless glare of the sun, the savannah arouses ancestral emotions. An ecosystem made up of prey and predators of the most vivid hues, capable of stimulating the imagination of the fashion industry like little else in the world.

These are the enthralling images and emotions that inspired Deborah Milano to create the new Safari Bronze Collection, a Limited-Edition set of bronzers reminiscent of the blinding sunlight, fragrant woods and even the typical safari outfits of Africa.

Three bronzer compacts with a natural matte finish in shades reminiscent of the warm hues of the savannah (Medium Rose Tan, Medium Beige Tan and Dark Tan) and a multi-effect palette containing two bronzers and a highlighter with a soft shimmer finish.


Embellished with an eye-catching wild animal pattern on the surface of the cake, the velvety smooth, lightweight formula blends seamlessly and evenly all over the face leaving the most
natural looking coverage.

The exclusive new Safari Bronzers are ideal for creating a fabulous, long-wearing glow that won’t fade or streak because it’s sweat-, water- and weather-proof. Besides their
extraordinary bronzing properties, the products also contain SPF15 sunscreen.

And to top it off, a special blend of natural pigments impart a sublime multi-dimensional radiance.
At an affordable price point for a super-sized compact!