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Deborah Milano’s new bronzer is brilliant for a quick-as-a-wink sun-kissed look!

Presenting Bronze Lover, the new bronzer from Deborah Milano encased in a dazzling compact featuring multifaceted 3D geometries. It’s the perfect match for the design trends that will shift the vibes in SS 2023. Bronze Lover gives the complexion a lightly tanned glow that’s reminiscent of summer holidays even in the dead of winter.
The versatile multipurpose bronzer offers an effortlessly chic and sophisticated approach to make-up: it’s perfect for contouring and creating beautifully sculpted features.

Enriched with anti-oxidant Vitamin C, the fine silky texture gives skin a fresh, natural finish.
Bronze Lover is easy to blend and build, for a warm complexion that can be dramatic or low-key, but always stunning.

Achieving a glowy, sun-kissed accent on the face all year long is a cakewalk! And the attractively matte tanned finish stays put from morning till night.
What’s more, SPF 15 helps Bronze Lover defend skin against UV rays.
The round compact has a transparent multi-faceted lid that catches the light, evoking a bewitching effect that lends even greater appeal to the product.
Available in four shades.

1) For a tanned look
Before applying bronzer I recommend evening out the skin tone with a few drops of foundation or concealer.
The bronzer will then add a fresh glow, so don’t skip this important step!
A tinted moisturiser will also do the trick if you prefer a lighter base.
Dip a fluffy brush into your bronzer and give it a gentle swirl, then apply to the temples, under the eyebrows, across the cheekbones and the bridge of your nose, the tip of your chin, and along your jawline. And if you’re wearing a low-cut top, don’t forget your neck and chest!
AVOID APPLYING bronzer around your eyes or to the apple of your cheeks.

2) The secret to sculpting
You need to use two bronzers for this: using a fluffy brush apply the lighter one under the brows, across the bridge of your nose, under your cheekbones, and to the tip of your chin, opening your mouth and forming an ‘O’.
Now brush the darker shade across the top of your cheekbones.
Do this a couple of times to create a more contoured effect.
If your complexion is very fair, you’ll get a more natural looking sun-kissed glow if your skin is well hydrated, so besides your usual beauty routine, give your skin a gentle scrub before applying make-up.