From the Deborah Group research laboratories comes a precious new beauty ally: the INSTANT LIFT line.

The foundation and concealer create a fresh-faced, luminous glow in seconds, while also delivering long-lasting benefits.
The advanced formulations are tested to minimise the typical signs of ageing and preserve skin’s natural youthfulness.

These two products do more than merely perfect and correct: they work in synergy with skin to enhance its appearance day after day, maximising the results of
skincare treatments..


The lightweight fluid formula suits all skin tones.

Light-reflecting soft-focus powders instantly impart an even, radiant finish, minimising the typical signs of ageing. Ingredients include a blend of vitamins and Centella, commonly known as Asiatic pennywort, that provide deep hydration, leaving skin smoother, more supple and naturally revitalised.

The long-lasting benefits of the product, which includes SPF30 sunscreens, ensure protection against premature skin ageing caused by repeated exposure to the sun.



This magic pen erases under-eye bags, dark circles and puffiness in an instant!
Featuring a handy applicator sponge, the liquid concealer makes short work of flaws and blemishes.

Formulated with special active ingredients and infused with light-reflecting particles, the product leaves a fresh-faced, well-rested appearance.
Enriched with vitamins and Centella, commonly known as Asiatic pennywort, it is the secret to a bright, youthful looking gaze.
Available in seven shades.