A passion for beauty, innovation, design and fashion: these values underpin Italian flair and for over 50 years have made Deborah the leading name in Italian cosmetics.

The story of a brand with a purpose: Vive Valeque, live and be well.

Founded in 1903 the company’s success is driven by a quintessential Italian passion: a passion for creating the perfect cosmetic with a top-quality formulation and a fair price that gives every woman access to professional looking make-up.

  1. Deborah, youthful flair driven by innovation


    Deborah was created in the 1960s and the new make-up brand instantly captured the vibrant teen spirit. Deborah rolled out the first automatic mascara in 1962, breathing new life into the world of make-up. Beauty was no longer for the fortunate few – it became a dream come true for many. Deborah was the first brand to target younger consumers, at prices they could afford.

  2. Deborah, fashion and passion


    Just as make-up yielded to the winds of change in the 1970s, so did fashion, with the birth of prêt-à-porter, or ready to wear, collections at more affordable prices. With innovation embedded in its DNA, Deborah stepped out of its comfort zone and sought unprecedented partnerships with Italy’s leading fashion designers: Krizia, Versace and Fiorucci.

  3. On-going innovation


    The Deborah Group’s focus in 1991 once again turned to innovative skin care formulations with the birth of the Bioetyc line that harnessed biotechnology to deliver safe, high-performance products. Again the Deborah Group made a name for itself as a company that blazes trails in technology and innovation.

  4. Miss Italy wears Deborah


    For a company whose mission statement is beauty, the next obvious step was to become the official sponsor of the Miss Italy beauty contest in 1997, creating a pageant-day look for the winner.

  5. Deborah, blurring the line between fashion and design


    In 2008, Deborah entered into partnership with leading fashion houses and started participating regularly in Milan’s Fuori Salone shows, boosting the brand’s profile on the fashion & design scene.

  6. Deborah rolls out DermoLab, the skin care specialist


    DermoLab, the exclusive skin care line created by the Deborah Group laboratories, embodies absolute excellence in terms of technology and innovation.



    Heeding consumer demand and in keeping with current trends, the Deborah Group laboratories developed the FORMULA PURA line of products that are silicone-, PEG- and fragrance-free and deliver 100% cosmetic performance. The line is ideal for women who care about where ingredients come from but don’t want to give up using make-up and feeling beautiful.

  8. Our Mediterranean Nature at the service of cosmetics


    The new DERMOLAB NATURE SENSE line is formulated and manufactured in Italy with at least 98% ingredients of natural origin, including three from organic farming systems. The remaining 2% is comprised of sensory ingredients and substances that keep the products stable and safe. Gentle formulations ensure the perfect balance between effective performance and respect for skin, and are well tolerated even by the most sensitive skins. Dermolab Nature Sense products are Vegan certified; contain no animal-derived ingredients and are not tested on animals. All products are BIOS cerfified. The entire line is manufactured in Italy and contains no silicones, petroleum-based sustances, mineral oils, SLES, MEGs, GMOs or fragrances.


Deborah Milano stands for excellence and has proudly carried the “Made in Italy” label since 1962. Creativity, beauty, passion, attention to detail, taste. It’s that all-Italian flair for using industrial manufacturing systems to deliver the elegance and originality of hand-crafted products converted by top-name designers into amazing “objects you want to touch”.



Deborah Group Laboratories

Leveraging their impressive skills and know-how, the Deborah Group’s Research and Development Laboratories ensure safe products, advanced formulations, and tested performance. The Labs continue to develop ground breaking make-up and skin care products because they listen to the needs and wants of consumers and keep a close eye on all the latest trends.



Experience beauty in your life

Deborah Milano has partnered internationally renowned designers to create pocket-sized design objects that enable women to enjoy a complete aesthetic experience. The brand has turned its relationship with design into an ongoing aesthetic endeavour, putting major architectural installations on display during Milan Design Week since 2008.




Deborah Milano’s time-honoured mission is to make beauty accessible to millions of women everywhere, whether it’s make-up, design or fashion. With an offering driven by value for money and distributed through thousands of retailers in a global distribution network as well as through on-line sales channels.